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Refund Policy

Terms of sale

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The Directive 2011/83 / EU on consumer rights, implemented in Italy by Legislative Decree no.21 of 21 February 2014, establishes that the consumer has a period of fourteen days to withdraw from a distance contract or negotiated away from business premises without having to provide any reasons and without incurring costs other than the additional ones, if a type of delivery other than that offered by the seller and those incurred for the return of the asset is chosen.

The aforementioned legislation extends the right of withdrawal also to the purchase of digital content or those purchases that are not provided on a material support (such as, for example, e-books, online games and music files). t6> However, in the case of the purchase of digital content, the consumer can only withdraw from the contract if the execution has not already begun.

To obtain a refund for the item, you must send a message to customer service, specifying the reason for the refund.