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Kaspersky Antivirus 2023 | 1 device | 1 years

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  • License format: Electronics
  • License type: 1 year subscription
  • Activation: Online
  • Support: Official updates from the manufacturer
  • Language: Multi Languages
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 11, MacOS, Android, iOS
  • Delivery: Fast sending by email

Buy now on at an advantageous price Kaspersky Internet Security 2023 1 device 1 year

  • Original license for 1 device
  • Full access with no usage limits a Antivirus 2023
  • Instructions for activation and download from the official site
  • After sales assistance 7/7

Antivirus 1 year subscription for 1 device

Multi-layered security that protects your online privacy and identity.

Internet security

  • It protects you online on your computer or smartphone with the latest protection technology

Protect multiple devices

  • Smartphones and tablet PCs, Mac and Android. Are you replacing a device? Just transfer the license to the new one, free of charge.

Take back control of your webcam and home router

  • Is anyone accessing your webcam? Stop them. Check your router for security holes and see what is connected to it

Safer banking and online shopping

  • Automatically secures transactions on online banking sites and helps protect you on online payment gateways