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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional

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Buy now on AML STORE at an advantageous price Windows 10 Pro and you will receive:

  • Original license for 1 PC
  • Activation instructions
  • 7/7 after sales assistance
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  • Format license : Electronics
  • Type license : Retail
  • Activation : Online
  • Support : Official updates from the manufacturer
  • Language : All languages ​​
  • Platform : PC
  • Shipping : Free delivery by email


Microsoft Windows 10 Pro is designed for business, it exclusively presents these features:

BitLocker : is an encryption software from Microsoft that is integrated into Windows 10, it is used to protect the hard drives inside the computer, with the ability to also protect USB sticks or external drives.

Remote Desktop : another function that is present in both editions of Windows 10 but with additional functions in the "Pro" edition, is the ability to remotely control separate users remotely, without obstruct their screen.

Hyper-V : is a tool that is used to create and manage virtual machines on your computer. It allows us to virtualize another system inside our personal computer, this allows us, for example, to carry out tests without worrying about doing damage to the main operating system. After installing Windows 10 "Pro", however, you will need to enable the "Hyper-V" function manually from the additional Windows functions.

Application Guard in Microsoft Edge : it is a function that protects our computer from malicious sites by loading the sites in a sort of sandbox so as to avoid creating damage within our operating system. < / p>

Windows 10 Sandbox : The Sandbox allows us to have a virtual environment where we can test our programs in complete safety. Unlike the Application Guard in Microsoft Edge, the Windows 10 Sandbox extends throughout the system.


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